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Glasgow Airport Parking

Glasgow Airport (GLA), also recognised as Glasgow International Airport, is the second-busiest airport in Scotland and the eighth-busiest in the United Kingdom. Glasgow Airport has two terminals and one 2,658m runway. Glasgow Airport welcomes more than nine million passengers every year.

You may want to fly out of Glasgow Airport if you live in Scotland after having known its commendable features. Moreover, Glasgow Airport parking facilities fulfil the requirements of every visitor, whether you’re on vacation to spend quality time with family, flying on business or just picking up people

Now, talking about car parking in Glasgow, it's paramount that you choose a booking agent you can fully rely on while you are away. WeDeal Airport Parking is a platform with a long-term association with car parking service providers. They have successfully established a reputation in the market as seasoned and skilled parking providers.

Like several international airports, Glasgow Airport's car parks can become packed during busy times. However, pre-booking your parking space can save time and money if you know when you will depart from Glasgow. Furthermore, if you book with us in advance, you will receive a 10% discount.

Parking options at Glasgow Airport

Park and Ride

The option of Park and Ride Glasgow Airport prevents your money from being squandered on costly parking services like on-site short and long-stay

The Park and Ride service is straightforward. One parks their car in the designated lot before boarding the shuttle bus to the airport terminal. These buses run on a regular schedule. Furthermore, our providers of park-and-ride service are usually the most affordable.

Meet and Greet

Glasgow Airport Meet and Greet parking is a fantastic way to preclude any inconvenience while parking your car and save time. Meet and Greet is widely famous among travellers who want to check in as rapidly as possible.

Long-stay parking

In Glasgow Airport parking long-stay service, there are plenty of parking spaces at a decent cost. It's swift and easy because it's located within the airport's perimeter. After you've parked your car, take one of the regular shuttle buses to the terminal building, which takes only five minutes.

Parking spaces in the long-stay car park can be reserved in advance, ensuring you a spot even during peak times. Nonetheless, long-stay is Glasgow's official onsite car park which charges comparatively higher than the other services.

Our Park and Ride and Meet & Greet, on the other hand, simplify and expedite your journey by conserving both your significant chunk of cash and time.

Short-stay parking

In terms of distance, Glasgow Airport short-stay parking is the closest to the terminal. It is located directly outside the terminal. You can walk directly into the terminal building from your car. Short-stay is the most workable option for families with heavy luggage, those seeking a short weekend away, or families travelling with young children.

Car Park 2 short-stay

Short-stay Car Park 2 Glasgow Airport could not be more advantageous for travellers considering to be away on a trip only for a shorter period of time. Glasgow Airport Car Park 2 is directly adjacent to the terminal building. Consequently, you can walk from your car to your check-in desk in just a few minutes. Short-stay Car Par 2 is a perfect replacement for short trips away due to its short transfer time and sufficient pre-bookable spaces.

Car Park 1

Short-stay Car Park 1 Glasgow Airport is an incredibly hassle-free and cost-effective parking option. The short-stay Car Park 1 integrates a convenient location with reasonable rates, making it ideal to materialise your idea of taking a short trip abroad. Similarly, the main terminal building is only a few minutes away from Car Park 1. Thus, you can ensure that your trip begins without a hitch with a short-stay Car Park 1 at Glasgow Airport.