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Stansted Airport Parking

Located nearly halfway between London and Cambridge, Stansted is the UK’s fourth busiest and one of the six official London airports. Over 27 million passengers cross through its corridor annually. It has also established its reputation as the low-cost flight gateway of the UK.

Therefore, if you have been planning a trip and need to book a car space at Stansted Airport parking, you have landed on the right destination.

WeDeal Airport Parking has you covered!

Our ultimate focus is to provide our valued customers with cost-effective, time-conserving parking options. To that end, we work closely with our reputable and reliable car parking service providers to display a comparison list of all the services our partners offer. As a result, we enable travellers to reap the benefits of budget-compatible and handy car parking deals.

Get economical parking at Stansted Airport

We offer a broad selection of options in collaboration with top-notch car parking service providers. Our competitive comparison list locates your ideal match.

We have deals for the cheapest parking at Stansted Airport to tailor your budget and travel needs. You can either choose from economical park-and-ride or swift and luxurious meet-and-greet parking. Hence, compare Stansted parking alternatives on our website today and get prices from as low as £70 for a week's parking!

Parking options at Stansted Airport

Park and Ride

Although there are several options for car parking in Stansted Airport, the park-and-ride service is the most economical solution.

The Stansted Airport park-and-ride only takes a 15-minute shuttle bus drive from the terminal. It is usually the cheapest option forStansted Airport parking. Unlike meet-and-greet, you find your own space in the lot that is well-lit and easy to navigate. Resultantly, you can find your vehicle when you return, even if you arrive late at night.

Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet is a chauffeur-driven service provided to customers who value luxury and are averse to wasting time. Meet and Greet parking eliminates the necessity for travel to the terminal, giving you more time to check in on your ease.

While booking Meet and Greet Stansted Airport, a uniformed chauffeur will meet you at the terminal and park your vehicle. You will find the driver and your car waiting for you when you arrive at the airport after a lengthy and tiresome trip. You'll now reach home sooner in the comfort of your vehicle. As a result, meet-and-greet parking is the most practical and time-saving option.

Short-stay parking

Stansted's Short Stay car park is ideal for dropping off and picking up family and friends. Stansted Short Stay Parking is located right next to the terminal building and has different zones, with some being a longer walk from the terminal than others. Likewise, Stansted Airport's official short-stay car park is a two-minute walk from check-in desks.

Long-stay parking

The most popular official on-site service at Stansted Airport is the long-stay car park. It is approximately eight minutes from check-in on the airport grounds via the transfer bus that runs every 15 minutes.

Park up your car at the designated lot, keeping hold of your keys. Afterwards, board a transfer bus to the check-in desk. Transfers to and from Stansted Long Stay are free, run 24 hours a day and take just 15 minutes to reach the terminal. Stansted long-stay parking serves those whose trips prolong more than a week. It is relatively expensive in the wake of the airport's official on-site service.

Contrary to that, if you choose either park-and-ride or meet-and-greet, not only can you save your money, but you also can reach the terminal promptly.

Stansted Airport Terminal

Stansted Airport has only one terminal. Hence, when booking your Stansted parking, you don't need to worry about which terminal you're flying from. All the car parks we offer at Stansted Airport are close to the terminal. Furthermore, both the park-and-ride and meet-and-greet options entail a short transfer to the terminal.

Stansted Airport hotel with parking

We recommend you book a pre-flight stop-over when travelling from Stansted Airport and experience a hassle-free departure day. Booking a hotel room is ideal for anyone seeking a smooth start to any trip.

It excludes the risk of unexpected delays as you travel to the airport. Besides, staying in an affordable hotel at Stansted Airport will leave you minutes from the check-in desk the morning of your flight so you can start your day on your own terms. Our airport parking Stansted with hotel services will have you covered if you are looking for Stansted hotels with parking.