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Leeds Bradford

Leeds Bradford Airport Parking

Leeds Bradford Airport, located seven miles north of Leeds and nine miles from Bradford, is also known as Yorkshire's Airport. In addition, over four million passengers pass through its corridors every year.

Booking a cost-consistent car parking ahead of time is a heady choice to ensure you get the best deal when you are flying from Leeds Bradford Airport. Remember, getting perturbed about what you'll do with your car is the last thing you want to think about before you begin your trip. Hence, do away with stress and make your life easier with WeDeal Airport Parking.

We are a booking platform that is proud to have partnered with seasoned and experienced car parking service providers. We play a pivotal role in relieving travellers of the hassles and stress that accompany airport parking. We showcase the comparison list of various considerably cheap parking options on our website, enabling customers to pinpoint the most viable car parking near Leeds Bradford Airport.

Thus, with us, you can smoothly get your Leeds Bradford Airport parking sorted out today, along with enjoying a happy discount of 10% on pre-booking.

Cheap parking at Leeds Bradford

Be circumspect of the parking providers who charge you an amount that exceeds the bounds of reason and moderation. These platforms will defraud your hard-earned money under the pretext of providing hassle-free parking spaces. So, why trawl through such overly expensive websites when WeDeal Airport Parking is serving up cheap Leeds Bradford Airport parking on a silver platter? Hence, reap the benefits of remarkably cheap and low-cost car parking options at Leeds.

Parking services at Leeds Bradford Airport

Park and ride

The Park and Ride service is usually the cheapest and least pricey parking option available. It is also a widely famous choice among our customers. You will either park your car yourself and keep your keys or leave your car at reception for a staff member to park it on your behalf. Then, take the shuttle bus to the airport, which takes less than 5 minutes and runs at regular intervals or on demand. Leeds Bradford Airport Park and Ride is an excellent replacement for the airport's official costly long-stay service.

Meet and Greet

Our Meet and Greet service at Leeds Bradford Airport parking wins all the time when it comes to the ultimate convenience. You drop your car off near the terminal, and a professional valet will park it. It is best suited for those who fancy a stress-free service and praise how seamless everything is.

Yet, it is exceptionally significant if you have a lot of luggage. You drop your car off, unload your luggage and walk to the check-in in 2 minutes. While you are away, the driver will store your car in an off-site car park. When you return, you will find your car in the same spot.

Short-stay parking

Leeds Bradford Airport short-stay parking is generally found within the airport boundary and is only a few minutes walk from the terminal. Besides, short-stay is suitable for those who are going away only for a couple of days because it excludes the requirement to take a transfer bus from the car park to the terminal. Just drive to the short-stay car park, find a spot to park your car, unload your luggage, and walk toward the terminal building's check-in area.

Mid-stay car parking

If you plan to park your car for a few days but not more than a week, Leeds Bradford Airport Mid-stay parking is an excellent choice. This parking lot is very close to the airport. First, park in any available space.

After that, grab your luggage and take a short saunter of 3-4-minute to the terminal. This parking service allows you to keep your keys with you since your vehicle will not be moved while you're away. Lastly, upon your return, go to the car park, get in your vehicle and then head to the exit barrier, which will lift once it's read your number plate.

Long-stay car park

Leeds Bradford airport's long-stay car park is the right parking choice for people travelling for two weeks or more, whether to attend official meetings or merely to travel, explore new attractions, or meet family, friends, and relatives. Furthermore, the official long-stay car park Leeds Bradford Airport provides a self-park service on airport grounds. Before taking the 2-minute shuttle to the terminal, you can park your car and keep your keys. Alternatively, you can walk to the main building, which takes between 7 and 10 minutes.

It is, however, pertinent to mention that despite their vicinity to the airport terminal, short and long-stay are comparatively costlier because they are the on-site services. On the other hand, our off-site park-and-ride and meet-and-greet services come in handy in both cost and convenience.