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Southampton Airport Parking

Southampton Airport (SOU) is the 18th most important and busiest airport in the United Kingdom, with approximately two million visitors passing through its doors each year. In addition, the Southampton Airport parkway parking area is located near Southampton Airport.

Booking a cost-effective car parking space ahead of time is a wise decision to ensure you get the ideal deal when travelling from Southampton Airport. Likewise, worrying about what you'll do with your vehicle is the last thing you should do before you start your trip. Thus, WeDeal Airport Parking is a prudent choice for Southampton Airport.

We work with reputable and reliable parking providers so that you can make reservations without even the slightest doubt. We play a significant role in reducing passengers' inconveniences and strain associated with car parking at the airport. We display the comparison list of various reliable car parking operators on our website, allowing consumers to choose the most feasible Airport parking Southampton.

Hence, WeDeal Airport Parking is here to assist you with the finest Southampton Airport parking.

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Parking options at Southampton Airport

Park and Ride

The Park and Ride is the most practical choice you should opt for if you want to save money. Park and Ride service flaunts inexpensive costs, considering it is generally situated outside the Southampton premises and requires a brief transit to the check-in counter.

Moreover, in our Park and Ride service, you either park your car yourself or leave it at reception for a staff member to park it on your behalf. You will take the shuttle bus to the airport, which takes almost 5 minutes and operates at regular intervals on demand. Consequently, you need not worry about costly transfers.

Meet and Greet

The Meet and Greet service is better suited to the ever-changing demands of modern travel. Start your vacation elegantly with a hassle-free Meet and Greet service. With this service, you leave your car close to the terminal and eliminate the need for a shuttle.

If you want convenient and effective parking, we are here to provide you with every comfort and elegance you will not find anywhere else. It includes executive vehicle transfers and chauffeur services. In addition, you leave your car near the terminal, and a skilled chauffeur parks it for you. Upon your arrival, the driver will return your vehicle. Hence, use our meet and greet service and enjoy its perks.

Short-stay parking

Southampton Airport parking Short-stay is often available inside the airport's perimeter and is close to the terminal. Additionally, Short-stay is appropriate for travellers who are just travelling for a few days because it does not require a transfer bus to get from the parking lot to the airport. You drive to the short-stay parking lot, locate a space to park your vehicle and proceed to the check-in section of the terminal building.

Long-stay parking

It is an apt service for visitors travelling for two weeks or more. Whether you are going on vacation or attending business meetings, the Long-stay car park Southampton Airport is the ideal option. Additionally, the official long-stay parking lot at the airport offers self-parking on the airport premises. You leave your vehicle in the parking lot and take the two-minute shuttle to the terminal. Afterwards, it takes an almost 10-minute stroll to get to the main building.

It is important to note that despite being close to the airport terminal, on-site parking services are more expensive than off-site services. However, our off-site Park and Ride and Meet and Greet services are beneficial in terms of both cost and convenience.

Hotel facility at Southampton Airport

Finding a convenient parking spot and a place to spend a restful night before your early morning flight can become one of the stressful aspects. But you can smoothly resolve this issue if you benefit from our off-site airport parking services and hotel facilities that are hassle-free and elegant. Remember, a hotel nearby Southampton Airport is the ideal way to unwind before your trip and provides a vital head start on the morning of your flight. If you're travelling to Southampton or would prefer to explore the area at your leisure, choosing a Southampton hotel and parking can be a wise choice. Subsequently, use our online booking system to reserve your place ahead of time.