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Southend Airport Parking

Are you all set to depart from London Southend Airport? But hold on a minute! If you think you are off the hook, you are mistaken. Do not go lackadaisical until your car parking at Southend Airport gets sorted.

London Southend Airport (SEN), located on the Essex coast, is in an optimum location for easy flights to and from Europe. It serves as a gateway to Europe and a centre for major airlines.

We know it's not the most thrilling part of planning your trip, but think about it: cheaper airport parking means more money for wine and pasta while you're away! To make things even handier, WeDeal Airport Parking has paired up with affordable and reliable car parking service providers. Our comparison list lets you choose from a wide array of wallet-friendly and time-saving options.

Hence, pre-book with us, and get a 10% discount.

Parking options at Southend Airport

There are two categories of parking at Southend Airport: Official on-site services provided by the airport and off-site options operated by our external car parking providers near the airport. The main contrast between the two options is the price.

The official on-site short and long-stay services ordinarily come with a higher price tag as they will typically be closer to the airport and require a short distance to reach the terminal. On the contrary, off-site Park and Ride and Meet & Greet are always in alignment with your travel and budget requirements. The Southend Airport parking options are elaborated on below:

Park and Ride

The Park and Ride at Southend Airport is an excellent choice if you’re looking for the best value, particularly if you plan on using the car park for a longer trip. These are the cheapest services available at the airport. Commonly, you will park the car and keep the keys before boarding a free shuttle bus to the airport.

Thus, Park and Ride is an ultra-money-saver option.

Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet parking at Southend Airport provides the swiftest access to the check-in desk. You drive directly to the terminal car park or a designated meeting point nearby and hand your keys over to your Meet & Greet operator, a driver.

Now, grab your luggage and walk to check in. The driver will drive your car to a parking facility for the duration of your trip. When you return to Southend, your vehicle will be brought back to the terminal for you to collect.

Hence, Meet and greet is the most time-conserving option.

Short-stay parking

The Short Stay car park is located directly outside the terminal and is ideal if your trip lasts only a few days. It is the most convenient of all Southend Airport parking options. But it is also the priciest on account of being the airport's official on-site service. You can park your car and keep the keys before walking a few steps to the terminal entrance.

Long-stay parking

The Long Stay car park at Southend Airport is directly across from the terminal. The walk to the check-in desks will take less than 5 minutes. It is a self-parking facility where you can select your own space and keep your keys while you are away. This car park suits those whose trips prolong for a week or more.